Domestic Installations

Air Conditioning Installations at Home

Home air conditioning offers complete comfort all year round as they supply cool air when the weather is hot and also heat during the colder months making them ideal for conservatories, bedrooms, playrooms and more.

The systems are extremely efficient and cost effective to run.

We supply units which come with a warranty of up to 5 years and are installed by fully qualified engineers.


Suitable for domestic use

  • Wall Mounted units are perfect for homes and are the most cost effective system to install as they are the cheapest type of unit and quick to install.
  • Floor standing units are also a good alternative and are mounted on the wall at low level rather than high level like the wall mount.
  • Ducted units are concealed above ceiling and the air supplied through ductwork and supply grills in the ceiling or walls. They are the most expensive system to install but provide excellent coverage and least obtrusive.

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